Training & Workshops


  • Purpose & Career Planning

  • Personal Growth Strategies

  • Confidence & Assertiveness Building

  • Self Awareness Development

  • Emotional Intelligence Training

  • Professional Skills Development

  • Public Speaking

  • Budgeting & Investing

  • Social Media Management

  • Comprehensive Progress Reports and Guidance

  • Encouragement & Emotional Support

One-on-One | Monthly sessions scheduled based on availability

Workshops | Saturdays @ 2pm beginning September 16, 2017

Location | Multiple sites near you in Gwinnett County, GA (Purpose Planning & Budgeting held at George Pierce Park Meeting Room in Suwanee, GA)


Life-onomics: dollar decisions

Destinme purpose planning

M.I.T.E.Y. Mentor


M entors
I nspire
T each and
E mpower

Y outh

M.I.T.E.Y. Mentor provides comprehensive life coaching and skills training to inspire, teach, and empower youth from all backgrounds and life experiences.  We guide them in both classroom and one-on-one settings on how to lead honorable, successful and prosperous lives of purpose.