Girls L.Y.F.   (Ages 10-17)


Girls' L.Y.F. (L.Y.F. = Love Yourself First) workshop and empowerment group helps young women of all personalities and backgrounds improve self-esteem and confidence and create a vision for their lives.  We then help them learn to develop habits and make decisions that honor that vision.  The program is offered by T.L.C. (Temple Love & Care), an organization created to encourage women to take better care of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually because the body is a "temple", a sacred place to be cherished.

Girls L.Y.F. strives to help young ladies succeed by seeing themselves clearly in a world that promotes narrow, superficial ideas of beauty and significance.  They will:

  • Develop healthy self-love & confidence
  • Create a vision for life
  • Learn to stay on track and make decisions in line with their identity, value, and destination​
  • Discuss key topics affecting their futures

Love yourself and enjoy L.Y.F. with us!

Girls L.Y.F. begins March 24 and then meets the third Saturday of every month from 2-3 pm!

​Location: George Pierce Park Meeting Room, 55 Buford Hwy., Suwanee, GA 30024. 

Registration begins March 4th!