Guys' L.Y.F. will begin March 24 from 4-5 pm and then meet monthly every 4th Saturday from 2-3 pm!

​Location: George Pierce Park Meeting Room,

55 Buford Hwy., Suwanee, GA 30024. 

Registration begins March 4th!  

Guys L.Y.F.  (Boys 10-17)


Becoming a man means being a person of character, having a mentality of excellence in what you do, and creating a legacy of service to family and community.  It has nothing to do with how fast you run, how physically strong you are, or how popular you are with the ladies.  Unfortunately, many of our young males have twisted ideas of what it really means to be a man, and some feel inadequate for not meeting the superficial standards they see and hear around them.  

Guys' L.Y.F. (Love Yourself First) encourages today’s boys to identify, embrace and love who they are.  It also teaches them about true manhood so they can determine who they want to become and what they want to achieve. 

In addition, Guys' L.Y.F. emphasizes the importance of intentionally building a legacy of service and love.  This begins by addressing some important questions.


How does your son define manhood?

Does he know who he is?

Does he feel good enough?

Does he imagine who he wants to become?

How does he want to be remembered?

Is he exploring why he is here and what he wants to achieve?

Does he believe he can do it?

The answers to these questions determine your son’s level of self-confidence as well as his future.  Let us empower him to have the greatest confidence possible by helping him determine his identity, his destination, and his plan to get there!  REGISTER BEGINNING MARCH 4TH!