Think big, impact others, and leave a legacy!

Do you implement the plans you create?  Do you stick with your strategies under pressure, giving them the best chance to succeed?  Can you recognize when you need a new approach and do you know how and when to change it? Plans without proper execution are useless. As Nike says, "Just do it."

Our Philosophy


Philosophy One: Dream... Believe... ACHIEVE!

Cra-Z-Dreams believes that dreams should stretch the limits of what is thought possible and encourages everyone to dream big, believe in themselves, and ACHIEVE the vision they have for their lives.  As kids we let our imaginations run wild and envision ourselves being everything from movie stars to superheroes.  Then as we grow older, others advise us to “be realistic” to try and protect us from the disappointment of unmet high expectations.  Many of us are told to be “practical” and focus on getting “good jobs” to survive and take care of our families.  While survival and responsibility are definitely important, the idea that you can’t pursue big dreams without starving or being irresponsible is totally false.  With the skills, strategies, and mindset we teach, your wildest dreams are within your reach.  Dare to "Dream... Believe... ACHIEVE"! 

What does it mean to "Dream... Believe... ACHIEVE"?

To identify goals that test your boundaries.

To think unconventionally. 

To take calculated risks. 

To know your strengths and be confident in them.

To believe in yourself even when others don’t. 

To know you’re worthy. 

To prepare and give it your very best.

To make failure your ally by learning from it.  

To never give up until you achieve your goals.

To use your gifts in service to others.

​​​Philosophy Two: S.P.E.A.R.

SPEAR stands for:

S uccess through

P reparation

E xecution

A nd

R esilience


Cra-Z-Dreams believes that succeeding in anything requires one to plan, learn, and develop skills in advance (preparation); apply the strategy, knowledge and skills effectively (execution); and persist with confidence in the face of adversity (resilience). 

We offer workshops and one-on-one coaching to help you consistently apply these practices in life to achieve goals, impact the world, and enhance personal growth.

Cra-Z-Dreams is here to help you think big and achieve more!  Contact us today and let us help you make your craziest dreams a reality!

Have you researched?  Did you study, practice, or rehearse enough? What is your goal?  How will you achieve it? Are you mentally, physically, and spiritually ready? Preparation is key to accomplishing any endeavor.  Be ready.

How do you handle challenges?  Do setbacks discourage you or motivate you?  When your absolute best falls short of the desired result, what do you do? Adversity can be strong enough to throw you or grow you.  Don't run from it, learn from it.