Because their dreams matter

Because their toughest battles will happen inside them

Because they should believe in themselves



In addition to the reading, writing, math and technology taught in school, today's youth must learn how to manage themselves and their resources in order to succeed. Cra-Z-Dreams workshops, training, and group or one-on-one mentorship helps kids improve their...

  • Planning & preparation

  • Organization

  • Time management

  • Discipline

  • Work ethic

  • Persistence & perseverance

  • Confidence

Let Cra-Z-Dreams teach your kids how to get the most out of themselves and their resources.  Register today for our ongoing workshops and mentorship programs that teach kids the skills for success!

Core Beliefs


Every child should be able to succeed and grow to lead a fulfilling, joyful and purposeful adult life. They should be true to themselves and know that what they do matters.  When people honor who they are and can perform their best in ways that impact others, the world is a better place.

Unfortunately, many of the skills necessary to be successful are not taught in school.  Cra-Z-Dreams Jr. was created to help kids explore and learn who they are and how to continually grow into their best selves. We teach kids the self management skills that help create successful, purposeful lives.


  • Self-awareness & personal growth

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Focus

  • Communication

  • Money management

  • Decision making​

Youth Programs​

P.E.E.R. Group Activity Based Training

Teaches kids the principles of success in a supportive group environment while training them in the activities they enjoy!

Because they have greatness inside them

Why Cra-Z-Dreams Jr.?

Because they should be prepared for the journey ahead

About Cra-Z-Dreams Jr.

Because there are things you wish you had done

Because they deserve the most out of life and themselves

Cra-Z-Dreams Jr. provides group training and individual coaching to help children succeed and create better lives as adults.

Our ongoing activities, workshops, and mentorship help youth:

-- form their identity

-- discover their gifts

-- realize and maximize their potential

-- maintain ongoing personal growth

-- effectively manage themselves and their resources for success!

Because they are here for a reason

G.R.E.A.T.  S.T.A.R.T.

​Helps children learn who they are and what they are capable of while teaching them how to effectively manage themselves and their resources.