DestinMe Purpose Planning (Ages 11 to Adult)


Each one of us is born with at least one gift – something we can do exceptionally well with less exertion than the average person.  Most of us also have one or more passions, things we care deeply about that bring us immense joy or fulfillment.  When people are able to merge their gifts with their passions in ways that positively impact others, they are operating within their PURPOSE.  People who live with purpose are typically happier and more successful.  This is why most of us dream of having careers within our purpose.


The DestinMe Purpose Planning workshop helps adults and youth identify their gifts and passions and explore careers that are compatible with who they are made to be.  We then help them begin the process of creating a vision for the future and determining what it will take to make that vision a reality in a way that impacts the world.  This process helps participants develop the life skills of self-awareness, creativity, goal setting, and planning.

Unlimited dreams. 

Infinite possibilities.