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The world is filled with many different kinds of people, and each and every one of us was created with purpose. We differ by age, gender, race, appearance, and many other things, but everyone has something special and each of our lives has meaning.

Your life matters and you are here for a reason.  God created everything with intention and purpose, and that includes you!  You are never too young to start imagining who you might become and how you might make a difference in the world.  You are capable of greatness if you have the courage to dream big, work hard, and never lose sight of those dreams along the way.

This is the story of one little boy's desire to belong, and his journey to keep his flame of hope alive as he discovers what is possible for his life if he doesn't give up.

Jonathan Larnce Clark is the Owner of Cra-Z-Dreams Life Skills Development, and is also the author of a personal development book titled Quote Quest: A Journey to Your Highest Truth & Potential Through Self-discovery, available on Amazon.  Jonathan is a Life Coach for youth and adults, as well as an advisor on effective human performance for individuals and teams. His focus is on establishing and strengthening a sense of identity, improving belief systems and self-love, and developing key life skills into habits for long-term success.  After conquering his own battles with poor self-confidence and negative beliefs, Jonathan believes his life's purpose is to help inspire and equip others to believe in themselves and walk in their God-given purpose by using their gifts to serve others.

Unlimited dreams. 

Infinite possibilities.


About the Author:  Jonathan Larnce Clark

Finding My Y: The Quest for Purpose

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