VIPERS Basketball Training & Travel Team

VIPERS Basketball believes that succeeding in anything requires one to plan, learn, and develop skills in advance (preparation); apply the strategy, knowledge and skills effectively (execution); and persist with confidence in the face of adversity (resilience).  We use the game of basketball to condition our players to consistently apply these practices in life, developing the knowledge, character, and discipline necessary for growth in any area.  VIPERS training is intense and, though our focus is bigger than basketball, we work hard and expect each and every player to stretch beyond any perceived limitations.  Players should be prepared to push themselves and be their best!

VIPERS Sports & Life Skills


VIPERS builds life skills by training our youth in the key elements of competitive sports. Kids participate in intense sports training to learn fundamental skills and strategies and improve physical fitness.  In the process, they learn about the importance of preparation, execution, and resilience when striving to succeed in life.  

V ictory

I nvolves the 

P reparation

E xecution and 

R esilience to

​S ucceed



In addition to helping children who love sports and want to improve or play competitively, VIPERS training can help kids grow and improve their…

Cooperativeness (working with others)

Critical thinking
Physical conditioning